Over EZ for Everyone

Since launching our hangover prevention supplement Over EZ in December 2015, it’s been a challenging, humbling and rewarding experience. I am proud to say that the hard work that my partners, our team and I have put in is definitely starting to pay off!

I’m very excited to announce that Over EZ is now approved for sale in the UAE and can be purchased in Dubai. Check out the video for the Over EZ sponsored event in Dubai here

In the coming months we are taking our amazing, innovative product to several other markets around the world. In Miami we are growing quickly and have recently locked in several new retailers. In Canada, we have a new distribution deal that will put our product in thousands of stores across the country!

As we continue to grow our product around the world, we are always looking for great people to partner with. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to work together and join our crusade to fight hangovers and help everyone enjoy the night and own the day!

If you are interested in learning about Over EZ and / or where you can purchase our product visit www.over-ez.com.