Letting go of holding back

I’m done with playing it safe. I’m letting go of holding back.

These two weeks have really taught me a lot and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. You too may be playing it safe and someone’s life could depend on it.

My third ALIVE Experience ended last week and I’ve taken some time to reflect on the impact it had on not just my guests but also myself. This trip was so powerful and transformative and it created exactly the results that I knew it could. There were several people dealing with some very serious situations; failed marriages, death in the family, improving their health and major career decisions. Each one of them chose to come to Costa Rica in hopes of finding the answers they were looking for. They each found much more than they had expected.

How this has impacted me is that I now realize that I’ve been inauthentic and fearful about my new business and I’ve discovered what I have been doing instead of who I should be being.

If this sounds confusing, please let me explain…

I’ve been marketing, selling, promoting my ALIVE trips instead of inspiring, educating and empowering people to make an educated choice based on what the trip is actually about.

I’ve been so focused on filling my trips that I’ve been “marketing” the ALIVE Experience to anyone and everyone and this is not what I should be doing.

I’ve been playing it safe and promoting ALIVE as if though it’s an all-inclusive, adventure vacation and the truth is it isn’t. I’ve held back from saying what it really is for the fear of turning anyone off of the concept.

In realizing the importance of the trip and the impact it has on people I’ve decided to speak my truth and not hold back and say what it is. I know that this won’t resonate with everyone but the truth is that this trip is NOT for everyone. Those who hear what it is and are drawn to it are the ones who are ready to join me.

The ALIVE Experience is not a vacation. It is 7 days and nights of learning and self-development. There will be tough conversations that will cause you to open up and deal with things that you’ve buried deep inside you. You will connect with strangers and fall in love with them and feel a level of connection and compassion that you didn’t know could happen in just one week. You will push the boundaries of your comfort zone and discover something truly life changing for yourself. You will do things you wouldn’t normally do and realize that life has endless possibilities.

Yes, you will also surf and hike and connect with the ocean and jungle. The adventurous actives will definitely make you feel ALIVE again, but the core offering and most valuable element of this trip are the workshops, conversations and connections that you experience during this trip and what you bring home with you.

I’m well aware that this concept is very niche and not everyone is interested in this type of travel experience. However, it’s important to me to authentically share what it is and what it isn’t, so one day when you’re ready to take on what you’re dealing with and willing to do the work required to live your best life possible, you now know that there is an awesome, impactful, unique opportunity called the ALIVE Experience that’s available to you.

I created this company and have sacrificed a lot to do so because I sincerely want to see people happy. It truly pains me to see people struggle and not know how to overcome their personal and professional challenges.

People are often surprised when I tell them that the ALIVE Experience is impact driven, not profit driven. I would honestly run these trips for free if I could, I truly enjoy them that much.

It is an incredibly fulfilling feeling knowing that I am truly living my purpose and doing something that is completely aligned with who I am and what I love and enjoy most in life. My trips change lives and could possibly save a few as well. I know this is a bold statement and this is how much I believe in what I’m creating because this is the impact it’s creating for my guests and the people in their lives.

I am so clear on who I am being and what I am committed to and would like to declare and share this with you.

I inspire through Vulnerability – I share my journey and the life lessons I’ve learnt along the way. I lead by example so others can see that anyone can create the life they truly want to live.

I educate with Generosity – I share my abundant resources of facilitators and coaches who lead powerful workshops and teach people through experiential learning opportunities.

I empower with Confidence – I provide the tools and structure to take action on what you want to create for your life. I’m building a beautiful community that will support one another and keep each other accountable to reach their goals.

I invite you to think about where you may be playing safe in life and what you are potentially risking by doing so. I believe we are all capable of making some big things happen when we can push past our fears and fully believe in what we are doing and allow ourselves to be who we truly are.