Vibe Tribe Wellness Interview + Podcast

Last month I was interviewed by Vibe Tribe Wellness for their podcast. I shared my journey and why I walked away from $1,000,000 to move to Costa Rica.

During this interview I share information on:

  • – The importance of hustle
  • – Not letting financial situations define us
  • – Why you should invest in mentorships
  • – Leadership conferences for personal growth & development
  • – Why it’s OK to follow your heart and change course later in life
  • – Why I created the Alive Experience

I feel this is one of the best interviews I’ve shared and would love to hear your feedback. Click the link https://vibetribewellness.org/podcast-zark-fatah/ to listen to the podcast.

To learn more about The ALIVE Experience check out @alive_experience & www.TheAliveExperience.com


Letting go of holding back

I’m done with playing it safe. I’m letting go of holding back.

These two weeks have really taught me a lot and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. You too may be playing it safe and someone’s life could depend on it.

My third ALIVE Experience ended last week and I’ve taken some time to reflect on the impact it had on not just my guests but also myself. This trip was so powerful and transformative and it created exactly the results that I knew it could. There were several people dealing with some very serious situations; failed marriages, death in the family, improving their health and major career decisions. Each one of them chose to come to Costa Rica in hopes of finding the answers they were looking for. They each found much more than they had expected.

How this has impacted me is that I now realize that I’ve been inauthentic and fearful about my new business and I’ve discovered what I have been doing instead of who I should be being.

If this sounds confusing, please let me explain…

I’ve been marketing, selling, promoting my ALIVE trips instead of inspiring, educating and empowering people to make an educated choice based on what the trip is actually about.

I’ve been so focused on filling my trips that I’ve been “marketing” the ALIVE Experience to anyone and everyone and this is not what I should be doing.

I’ve been playing it safe and promoting ALIVE as if though it’s an all-inclusive, adventure vacation and the truth is it isn’t. I’ve held back from saying what it really is for the fear of turning anyone off of the concept.

In realizing the importance of the trip and the impact it has on people I’ve decided to speak my truth and not hold back and say what it is. I know that this won’t resonate with everyone but the truth is that this trip is NOT for everyone. Those who hear what it is and are drawn to it are the ones who are ready to join me.

The ALIVE Experience is not a vacation. It is 7 days and nights of learning and self-development. There will be tough conversations that will cause you to open up and deal with things that you’ve buried deep inside you. You will connect with strangers and fall in love with them and feel a level of connection and compassion that you didn’t know could happen in just one week. You will push the boundaries of your comfort zone and discover something truly life changing for yourself. You will do things you wouldn’t normally do and realize that life has endless possibilities.

Yes, you will also surf and hike and connect with the ocean and jungle. The adventurous actives will definitely make you feel ALIVE again, but the core offering and most valuable element of this trip are the workshops, conversations and connections that you experience during this trip and what you bring home with you.

I’m well aware that this concept is very niche and not everyone is interested in this type of travel experience. However, it’s important to me to authentically share what it is and what it isn’t, so one day when you’re ready to take on what you’re dealing with and willing to do the work required to live your best life possible, you now know that there is an awesome, impactful, unique opportunity called the ALIVE Experience that’s available to you.

I created this company and have sacrificed a lot to do so because I sincerely want to see people happy. It truly pains me to see people struggle and not know how to overcome their personal and professional challenges.

People are often surprised when I tell them that the ALIVE Experience is impact driven, not profit driven. I would honestly run these trips for free if I could, I truly enjoy them that much.

It is an incredibly fulfilling feeling knowing that I am truly living my purpose and doing something that is completely aligned with who I am and what I love and enjoy most in life. My trips change lives and could possibly save a few as well. I know this is a bold statement and this is how much I believe in what I’m creating because this is the impact it’s creating for my guests and the people in their lives.

I am so clear on who I am being and what I am committed to and would like to declare and share this with you.

I inspire through Vulnerability – I share my journey and the life lessons I’ve learnt along the way. I lead by example so others can see that anyone can create the life they truly want to live.

I educate with Generosity – I share my abundant resources of facilitators and coaches who lead powerful workshops and teach people through experiential learning opportunities.

I empower with Confidence – I provide the tools and structure to take action on what you want to create for your life. I’m building a beautiful community that will support one another and keep each other accountable to reach their goals.

I invite you to think about where you may be playing safe in life and what you are potentially risking by doing so. I believe we are all capable of making some big things happen when we can push past our fears and fully believe in what we are doing and allow ourselves to be who we truly are.

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The ALIVE Experience was a SUCCESS!

It’s an incredible feeling to develop an idea into a tangible action and have it come to fruition, then watch others experience it and see the impact it has on them. It truly is a magical feeling, and this is why we as entrepreneurs, do what we do despite all the crazy ups and downs of owning and running our businesses.
Over the past 20 years I’ve created multiple companies, each has been fulfilling and rewarding in their own way. They have served a purpose and provided me with many rewards and lessons learned. I am so grateful for each and everyone one of them. And, it’s time for the next chapter to begin…

Last week I hosted a group of new friends and old friends for the very first ALIVE Experience. It was an awesome week that I carefully curated to share with them the very best that Costa Rica has to offer. It was amazing to watch each person in this group have their own unique first time experience and see how lit up and alive they were. Some people conquered their fear of heights, some learned to slow down, relax and be present and all of them opened up, shared and connected with one another.

I had an intention and a desired result for this trip, what it produced and the impact it had on not just the group, but also myself, far superseded my expectations. To say it was a great success would be an understatement! It was awesome in so many ways and I truly believe and know that this is the impact that I want to have on people.

This photo was taken after we wrapped the the Passion workshop during the ALIVE Experience. You can almost feel the happiness and positive energy through the photo and smile

I will be hosting the next ALIVE Experience in Whistler BC, June 29th – July 6th. If you are interested in joining and would like more information visit www.thealiveexperience.com or email me at z@zarkfatah.com

Pura Vida!

The Pura Vida life

It’s hard to put into words the vibe and energy of Costa Rica. I guess the best way to describe it is “pura vida”. If you’ve every been there you’ve heard this said over and over again and I’m sure you will also agree. I have compiled footage from my 3 trips to this amazing country to capture the vibe, culture and people of Costa Rica. Watch the video here.

Of the 60+ countries I’ve visited, Costa Rica is definitely at the top of my list for favourite places to visit. From the first time I visited, I knew I’d be back many times again.

It’s truly a special country where the people are friendly, the country is safe, the food is healthy & delicious and adventure is everywhere. Zip lining, diving, surfing, hiking volcanoes and swimming in waterfalls, there is no shortage of awesome things to experience.

I love the raw beauty of Costa Rica. I enjoy the fact that it’s still a developing country and many parts still feel untouched. Over the past 2 years I’ve visited 3 times and have explored the country from coast to coast. There are many difference sides to Costa Rica and each town has its own vibe and attraction. Some parts have become very touristic like Tamarindo aka Tamagringo and Jaco. These places have become quite commercialized and don’t have the same vibe as other towns like Samara, Nosara and Santa Teresa.

Samara is a small beach town with a very chill vibe with lot’s of North American expats who have traded city life for beach life.

Nosara has an infamous stretch of beach that has perfect 4 foot waves rolling in from sunrise to sunset. It truly is a surfers paradise with dozens of hotels and hostels lining the beach front with lots of great restaurants and bars to enjoy post-surf.

Santa Teresa is actually my favourite place to visit in Costa Rica. It really offers the best of both worlds with beautiful, secluded villas with perfect unoccupied beaches near by in Hermosa and many great restaurants and beach clubs located on the one road that runs through Santa Teresa. Many people say that Santa Teresa is what Tulum was 10 years ago. (I really hope it stays this way).

All these towns I’ve mentioned are on the Pacific coast in the Nicoya Peninsula. The other parts of Costa Rica I’ve visited and recommend are Monteverde, Rio Celeste and Puerto Viejo.

Monteverde is located in the middle of the country and is referred to as the Cloud Forest for obvious reasons. The town is located at a very high elevation, literally in the clouds. To reach there you have to drive up through winding roads that cut through the dense jungle. The climate is dramatically different from Nicoya, it’s much cooler and often very wet. The view from the top of Monteverde is absolutely spectacular and it offers a unique experience from other parts of Costa Rica (check out the time lapse of the Cloud Forest I shot during sunset) I highly suggest you try the zip-lining while there. They proudly boast that they have the longest zip-lining runs in all of Central America. True statement, I tried it and half way through the longest one I had more than enough time to think about how long it would take my friends to find me if the cable snapped. Good news, it didn’t.

If turquoise waterfalls are your thing, make sure to add the Rio Celeste Falls to your list. The water is literally turquoise. The water is this colour due to the algae from the river water and the mountain water mixing together. To get to the falls it’s a 30 minute hike in the Tenorio Volcano National Park and once you’re there you can walk the path along the river through the jungle crossing a few bridges (great photo opp).

Puerto Viejo is located on the Caribbean side and offers a different experience. It is about an hour south of Limon airport and only a couple hours north of the Panama border. The town has small stores and restaurants and lower priced hotels and hostels. Personally I prefer the vibe and experience on the Pacific Coast but I do suggest checking it out if you want to see both sides of the country.

I first heard about Costa Rica from my friend Linley Edwards when we met in Miami back in 1997. Years ago I remember him telling me about the magic of Costa Rica and how he spent a month there every year, surfing and living on the beach enjoying the pura vida life. He recently moved to Santa Teresa after spending over 2 decades living in Miami, running some of the top venues in South Beach. Linley decided that he wanted his kids to grow up on the beach so he packed up his life in Miami, built a house in Santa Teresa and opened a beach club called Rocamar on Hermosa beach. While I was there we had the chance to hang out and he told me about the magic of Costa Rica and why he made the move.

Did you know that on our planet there are 5 places that are designated Blue Zones, where people live past 100? The Nicoya peninsula is one of these rare 5 places. What makes this part of the world so special? Maybe its the incredible weather or the lush rain forests?

Maybe it’s the abundance of nature and healthy food? Or maybe it’s just the pura vida energy. I encourage you to find out the answer for yourself and visit this amazing country, I promise you won’t regret it.

I’ve included some travel tips and recommendations for you in the blog article below. I hope you find it helpful and you make it to  Costa Rica.

And if you do stop by Nosara, make sure to drop by the Jungla House and look for the silver haired surfer and tell Jimi that I sent you and ask him to make you a Jimirita 🙂

How to get there:

To experience the Pacific side I suggest flying to Liberia, rent a car and drive down the coast. It’s easy to get from town to town and if you want do a day trip to the Rio Celeste Falls or hike a volcano in the Arenal National Park, you’ll need a car to get there. From Liberia to Nosara or Samara (yes skip Tamagringo) is approx 3-4 hours.

Another option if you want to end up in Santa Teresa (which I highly recommend), is to fly to Liberia or San Jose and catch a quick flight on local airlines Sansa or Nature Air to Tambor , from there it’s approx a 45 minute drive

To visit Monteverde the shortest route is to fly to Liberia and drive approx 2.5 hours from there.

To get to Puerto Viejo you also have to fly to San Jose and you can catch a quick flight to Limon and then drive south for an hour. We rented a car and drove 5 hours from San Jose to Puerto Viejo. *A word of advice, if you are going to do the drive you definitely want to leave in time to do the drive during day light. The highway and winding roads are filled with transport trucks on route to the industrial town of Chiquita (yes like the bananas). We left late and had to do half of the drive in the dark and got caught in the rain.

Where to stay:

Samara – Casa del Halcon

Nosara – Jungla Beach House

Santa Teresa – Mystical Green Properties

Hermosa Beach – Villa Rancho Cielo

Monteverde – Hotel Belmar

Rio Celeste – Rio Celeste Hideaway

Places to eat:

Samara – Luv Burger

Santa Teresa:

Rocamar Beach Club *Make sure to check out their Sunday sunset party

Katana Asian Cuisine



Burger Rancho

Nosara – Beers & Burgers