Archangel Summit 2017

They say you should surround yourself with people smarter than you. I can say that I have taken this advice and have definitely reaped the rewards. Attending last years Archangel Summit was truly an incredible experience for me. Listening and learning from over a dozen awesome speakers like; Seth Godin, Robin Sharma, Jayson Gaignard, Gary Vaynerchuk and Archangel founder Giovanni Marsico was truly inspiring.

I was so impressed and moved by the event that I had to reach out to Giovanni and share my appreciation with him. Since then we have become friends and I have joined the Archangel community which has literally been life changing. Giovanni and I are even collaborating on an event taking place at Maison Mercer August 18th.

The Archangel Summit is taking place again this year on September 9th at the Sony Centre and once again has an incredible panel of speakers that includes; Simon Sinek, Danielle LaPorte, Naveen Jain, Mark Keilberger, Jim Kwik and many more.

I am very happy to support this amazing event and am able to offer a promo code for you to save 40% off your ticket price if you would like to attend. Use promo code “ZARCHANGEL” when purchasing on-line at

Check out the video from the 2016 event